Apart from skill, a go kart racer needs passion and love for the sport

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Josh Dufek is a 12-year-old half British half German boy with a passion for karting who lives and goes to the local school in Le Vaud in Switzerland. In this interview he talks about his passion for go karting and his dreams for the future.


When did you get into go karting?

I convinced my parents to let me try karting at 7 years old. We get Wednesday afternoon off school for our sports. My mum took me to Vuiteboeuf karting track 45 minutes away and I loved every second of it. I was told by the guys that worked there that I should join a team. We found one in the next village called “JD racing”. That’s how it all started at 7 years old.

What’s on your mind when you race?

Nothing really, I just enjoy it. I enjoy the feeling it gives me inside. It makes me feel alive!!!

Tell us about your last go karting race. How did it feel?

My last race was last weekend in Mariembourg, Belgium. In the training sessions I was flying, I was really happy with my speed. On race day I qualified 7th; it was really close between us. In the final I made some nice passes and got up to third place. On the last corner I left the door open and I was overtaken so I ended up 4th.


Were you happy with your result?

Every race is a learning experience so although I was a little disappointed because I could have had a podium finish I was still happy with my results.

At what age did you know you wanted to become a professional race driver?

At 3 years old I was watching F1 with my dad and I said to him, “Papa, I want to do that when I’m bigger.” Even from 10 months old I was apparently never without a car in my hand.

Your dream is “To race all day every day.” What steps are you taking to achieve this dream?

To be able to do this I must work hard at other things too. I have to get good results at school. I keep myself physically fit too, I have weight training, and a lot of jogging, I usually do a 10 km jog once or twice a week depending on the racing schedule. I must also eat a healthy balanced diet… my mum makes these dodgy spinach smoothies or carrot juice for breakfast!!! It’s important I get all my vitamins! And of course, I drive as much as possible!

Who is your favourite race driver? Why?

Niki Lauda because I love his personality and his discipline. I know it takes strength!


How much practice does one need to become a top go kart driver?

I think you need to be driving every weekend if not more, but as well as the skill you need the passion and the love for it. It’s like Christmas Day for me every day I drive.

How to you make sure you have a “healthy” balance of school and practice?

I miss quite a few days so it can be hard to keep up to date; the language at school is French. Luckily I already speak English and German so this really helps. I do a lot of exercise too so I can miss the gym classes to catch up or revise.

What’s the next step in your life as a go kart racer?

I want to eventually go into cars or F1, so for me it’s practice, practice, practice, and never give up racing.

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