The hometown of the Opera House, the Harbor Bridge, various national parks and exquisite beaches, Sydney is a prominent city in the international tourism industry. With globally-acclaimed landmarks, a vibrant cultural scene, and a lively urban life, the city is loved and admired by its residents as well as tourists from across the globe.

If you have marked Sydney as your next travel destination and you are all geared up to land and set out on an exploring spree, it is about time you plan what you aim to do while you are here in Sydney. The city is heavily punctuated with attractions, landmarks, and activities of all types.

To make sure that you don’t lose track of time or place and get the most out of what Sydney has to offer, we are sharing our top 5 picks of Sydney’s specialties for locals and travellers to explore this season.


Sydney’s Opera House is a major tourist attraction

1. Devour the Finest Visual Arts at The Art Gallery of New South Wales

The Art Gallery of NSW is set up in an emblematic and classic architecture that itself makes it an eminent landmark of the city. This state-run institution is home to the most aesthetic and appealing varieties of arts and has it all to enchant anyone with an interest in visual, cultural and performing arts.

2. Visit the Iconic Opera House for a Backstage Tour

Sydney’s Famous Opera House is the city’s centrifuge of music, art, and theatre. The Opera Houses holds multiple shows in a variety of art domains and also offers backstage tours for people. These insightful tours are led by ushers who speak multiple languages for the convenience of tourists.

3. Go Cruising Around the City

Sydney is surrounded by exotic beaches as well as the ocean that is a natural sanctuary for a variety of aquatic wildlife. You might get enthralled by the lively urban life, but sightseeing options are not restricted to the city limits. Sydney harbor tours allow you to explore the outskirts of the city and should top your Sydney’s special bucket list. These professionally-guided tours take you out into the vast expanse of the ocean to watch whales, dolphins, seagulls and flamingos that punctuate the enchanting aquatic panorama. You may also go snorkelling, and deep-sea diving to explore the coral reefs and the magnificent underwater world.

4. Climb the Quintessential Harbor Bridge

You might not get enough of feasting your eyes on Sydney’s cynosure harbor as climbing and strolling over to the far end will fill you with excitement and give you the feel of being in that moment. With the deep blue ocean right beneath your feet and a number of downtown landmarks spread all around, Sydney Harbor is a good place to bedazzle you with a magnificent 360-degree view of the city.

5. Relive Your Childhood at Luna Park

Luna Park is a historic park by the harbor which offers fun, frolic and exquisite coastal views. The park offers free entry and a variety of exciting rides for people of all age groups. The park features the 1930s classic Coney Island Funhouse, carousel, and amusement ride passes that can be purchased on site or at a discounted price online.

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