Thailand Books and Fiction Web: Nov. 14-20, 2011

thailand-books-fictionHere are some of the book reviews, fiction and publishing news about Thailand that caught my attention this week:

Thailand Book Reviews

John Daysh reviews A Year in the ‘Kok by Crazy Horse, “a blunt, in-your-face, expose of what is on offer to men in Bangkok and it pulls no punches.” It is a book John recommends as fascinating and insightful, although Crazy Horse makes frequent use of derogatory words when referring to women.

In another review by John Daysh, James Newman’s Bangkok Express is identified as “a great story full of fantastic writing”. It is the story of a London detective who comes to Thailand to examine Samui Police Chief’s insurance fraud.

Thailand Fiction

Marcel Barang translated on his Thai to English Fiction blog, Than Yutthachaibodin’s short story I just want to go out for a walk (Phom Khae Ja Ork Pai Deun Len) – simple Thai prose at its best!

Ebook Tips, Tricks and News

Paul Salvette wrote a guide on how to make an ebook with Sigil, a free software that helps you convert regular text and images into the EPUB format.

A former US soldier who made Bangkok his new home, calls for ebook donations: if you have a book on Smashwords, you can now sent it to the American troops fighting in Iraq via Operation eBook Drop.

Thailand Bookstores

John Burdett’s Bangkok Haunts is one of the latest books added on the shelves of BooksThailand, a secondhand (online) bookstore from Koh Chang. It is the story of detective Sonchai Jitpleecheep from Bangkok’s crime-riddled District 8 and Damrong, a woman he once loved, who now “resurfaced” in a terrifying snuff movie. Priced at 260 baht.

Dasa Book Café recommends Bangkok’s Waterways by William Warren and R. Ian Lloyd, a book that takes the reader through Bangkok’s canals (klongs) and rivers. An excellent choice for these flood-challenged times.  Priced at 290 baht.

Asia Books lists Popular Thai Cusine by Nidda Hongwiwat on their Thailand & Southeast Asia bestseller list. It is a step-by-step cookbook with coloured photographs. Priced at 790 baht.

Cocktails & Dreams by Guy Lilburne is on Bangkok Books new books list. It is a crime thriller that sees its main character, ex detective Danny O’Brian, drafted by the Thai police as a consultant in the hope of catching a murderer who “operates” on the island of Phuket. Ebook priced at 149 baht.

DCO Thai books has Jews in Thailand by Ruth Gerson and Stephen Mallinger in their “new product” book box. It deals with the Jewish Diaspora starting with their arrival, for trade purposes, in Siam’s Ayutthaya in the 17th century. Priced at 695 baht.

Gecko Book Stores in Chaing Mai have a total of 524 books of fiction and non-fiction about Thailand.

Thailand Book Trailer of the Week

Siam Nights by J.F. Gump

Do you have your own recommendation? What is your favourite Thailand Book?
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