7 Best Riding Destinations of North America

All of you who ride motorcycles know how great it feels to have the wind blow through your face and experiencing the great outdoors on a nice summer day. It’s one of the greatest feelings in the world and just can’t be beat. But what are the best places to experience that feeling? In the following article, we’re going to go through some of the top riding destinations in North America and why you should check them out.


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Read on to learn more and get to riding!

  1. Blue Ridge Parkway

The Blue Ridge Parkway is one of the most famous motorcycle destinations in all of North America. Stretching along the Appalachian mountain chain on the East Coast of the US, you’re going to be taken through absolutely stunning mountains that are only rivaled by the Rockies. It’s an especially great destination during autumn when all of the leaves change colors, known as “The Indian Summer”.

  1. The Grand Staircase

For 130 miles, The Grand Staircase winds through the beautiful scenery of the state of Utah. This is perfect for any of you that want to also take some time to explore some of the off-road camping areas, as well.

  1. Idyllwild

If you think about the state of California, you probably think of two things: huge metropolitan cities and long winding roads that are perfect for motorcycle rides. Idyllwild is one of these roads that’s the center point between highways 243 and 74. This is one of the most thrilling places in all of California to ride through, those you’re not going to be disappointed.

  1. Copper Canyon

If you’re looking for an adventure, then the Copper Canyon road is perfect for you. The Copper Canyon, which is located in northern Mexico, is known to be even deeper and larger than the Grand Canyon, which is absolutely crazy to imagine! It’ll take you around nine days to head on this adventure tour, so set aside plenty of time for this great trip. It’s going to be an absolute blast if you’re looking to get away from the normal destinations.

  1. Tail of the Dragon

This one is going to be one of the – if not, the – toughest riding destinations out there in the US. There are 318 curves in around 11 miles on this monster, so you had better be prepared for some awesome riding. Because it can get so dangerous, you had better watch out on these curves and make sure you’re properly prepared to handle this beast (it’s also called The Dragon, after all!). In order to understand all sides of this monster, you’ve got to go ride it for yourself.

  1. The Three Sisters

The Three Sisters is definitely going to be a route that you won’t forget. There are three roads in this destination – RR335, 336, and 337 – and you’ll be taken through beautiful canyons and right on the edge of cliffs. Some people have even claimed that RR337 is one of the best roads to ride in the whole of Texas. And one of the best parts about this riding destination is that it’s right outside of Austin. When you’re done riding, you can head over to one of the best cities in the US!

  1. California State Route 58

This Route 58 might not have the most idyllic scenery ever, but the near-racetrack-like cornering is absolutely thrilling for you motorcycle lovers. This road is definitely going to test your bravery with roller coaster hills. However, there’s low amounts of traffic and law enforcement present, so you’re pretty much free to take it as you will.

Which one of these riding destinations do you think you’ll try in the near future? They’re all absolutely stunning and will definitely test your riding abilities.

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