Gergov Martin is a former Marine and athlete from Ivaylovgrad, Bulgaria. In this interview he talks about his lifestyle, his passion for powerlifting, and his current online project.


How have the years as a Marine shaped you?

I was in military school. Higher military school! Specialty: Land Forces. Then I worked as a senior sergeant. It was a challenge! But, it was not what I wanted! I was also in the French Legion! Long history! Someday … in Thailand. I’ll tell you more.

When and why did you get into powerlifting?

It was in 1999. In was a cold February. I saw the results in the powerlifting event in a newspaper. And to my surprise, I had very good results. So … I decided to go to Sofia. Then … I was accepted in Bulgaria’s National Team. My best results are (category up to 75 kg): Squat: 250 kg; Bench press: 180 kg Deadlift: 280 kg. All this was possible thanks to my coaches – Dimitar Iliev (from the National Sports Academy), Ivan Abadzhiev (world-famous coach) and Andon Nikolov (Olympic champion).

What advice would you give to people who want to start powerlifting?

It’s a heavy sport and so it is not for everyone. I hold the public record in Bulgaria for 2001. I was fourth in the world deadlifts. The necessary attitudes to be a powerlifter are: discipline, concentration, and motivation! Let’s not forget the sponsors…


One could say that you have a high-energy lifestyle. What drives you?

For me, every day is different. I am an author. Body and web designer! Yet I have a formula. Energy formula: Fitness, Diet, Positive Emotions, Love. I recommend it to everyone!

What advice would you give to people who want to maintain a healthy lifestyle?

Here are the most important elements for a healthy lifestyle: Fitness (exercises with weights), Diet (real food), Emotions (positive), Love. Start with your workout and diet and the others elements (emotions and love) will come.

You’ve won several powerlifting awards and you’ve even been on television shows. What are you doing these days?

I’ve begin my strenuous workouts routine. Summer is coming! I have 6 months left… Whoops! Oh yeah! I’ll also write a book about weight loss.

Tell us more about the concept behind Mr. 3 Hours, your online project.

The concept is simple: eat every 3 hours. There’s one gentleman who reminds you to do just that. That’s me: Mr. 3:00.

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