The ease with which people can create a website or a blog these days has brought us many great things – but it has also resulted in a somewhat askance attitude towards the creation of professional-looking websites!

While it’s become easier than ever to get a business online, it’s important not to lose focus on how professional these sites should look. Even something as seemingly simple as a blog can be brought up to a more professional standard by using these tips!


Choose an attractive template for your blog!


Get a custom domain name

There are so many people out there who run a website – as a business or a personal endeavor – who want to make it look more professional but don’t start with the URL. This is a mistake. If your blog is hosted using Blogger, that doesn’t mean you have to use the Blogger domain name. You should get a custom domain name. A lot of people avoid this because it seems like an unnecessary expense. But few things look less professional than a website wears its host in its URL.


Choose a relevant domain name for your blog


Advance beyond basic templates

A lot of web hosts can provide you with some really nice templates. But even the nicest ones come with an unavoidable problem: everyone has already seen them before, a million times. You should be investing in some better templates, or even having your own one designed. Whatever your layout, it needs to look clean and organized. Don’t be tempted to clutter it up with loads of images and snippets of different sections.

Include more pages

If you want your website to look more professional, then you should make sure that it’s easy for people to find out more about you. If it’s hard to actually find out more about you or your business, then visitors may assume that something shady is going on! So make sure there’s an ‘About us (or me!)’ page, or even an FAQ page. Having separate pages for other types of content can also work wonders.


Reach out on other platforms too!


Invest in social proofing

Another thing that makes a website look unprofessional is if it seems that no-one else has heard of it! This is why social proofing is important for pretty much all types of businesses. When it comes to websites, this usually takes the form of – you guessed it! – social media activity. The more followers you have on social media, the more professional your business is going to appear as a whole. But this shouldn’t just be limited to social media. If you can get mentions or acknowledgments from other websites, then this can also send a powerful message to visitors. This can be done via things like press releases. If you have no experience in this, seek expert assistance with the press release distribution.

Cut down on the ads

Yeah, I know, you want your website to be making you some revenue. And a pretty good way of doing that can be found in hosting advertisements. But it’s possible to go overboard. You probably know this, but you might still be overestimating the tolerance of your visitors when it comes to ads. Some website owners seem to think that more ads actually makes you seem more professional – but it just makes you look less legit. Be careful!

Author V.M. Simandan

is a Bangkok-based Romanian-born writer, archer, speaker, traveler, and vlogger.

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