Journey of Life: “I’m telling my stories through art”

Eakkapat Hemra (Ice) is a Thai artist who graduated with a High Vocational Certificate from College of Fine Arts, Changsilp Ladkrabang. In this interview he talks about his art and his upcoming solo painting exhibition Journey of Life which will be hosted at Midnice Gallery in Bangkok.

Journey of Life

When did you know you wanted to be an artist? 

I didn’t know when I wanted to be an artist but I loved to work with art. I just loved it. For me, the word ‘artist’ is just a name of the career.

What did you learn in art college?

There are many good teachers who taught me skills which were the main turning points in my field. There’s no such thing as a shortcut, you have to learn and earn whatever you want.

Do you think it’s really necessary for a person with talent to go to art school?

I think we need to be patient and committed, then we will be able to see the talent surface.

What is the concept behind Journey of Life?

The Journey of Life is the meme of the story we see in daily life. Just like diary writing or taking a photo. Mine was painting.

Journey of Life

When were the painting for this exhibition made?

The paintings in this exhibition represent my journey from 2015 to 2017. In them I recorded the experiences, feelings, people and the meanings of what I lived along the way. Every painting is like a travel diary.

What do you hope to achieve with these paintings? 

I’m telling my stories through art and I hope the audience who visits my exhibition will enjoy my stories and my work.

Do you work in other art forms?

No, I just paint. But I work with a community for disadvantaged children for which I do a basic art workshops for children, teach them about colors, and let them tell their own stories in the community through art.

What are your plans for the future?

I want to open an art space for teaching children, disadvantaged youth and the general public who want to learn how to express themselves though art.

The opening reception for Journey of Life will be held on 10 June 2017 (from 7pm till late) at Midnice Gallery in Bangkok. The exhibition will be open from 10 June to 08 July 2017 (11.30am – 08.30pm, Tuesday – Saturday).

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is a Bangkok-based Romanian-born writer, archer, speaker, traveler, and vlogger.

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