The Holden VF Commodore

Australia’s Holden’s future will come to an end this year, but it does not mean that the historic Holden brand is calling it quits, instead they are undergoing a revamp that will build on the automaker’s 150 year history with the land Down Under.

Attached to more than 200 dealerships across the nation and over 14,000 employees across the nation, Holden is actually looking at improving their business structure and maintain a long Australian future and the Holden VF Commodore attests to these facts.


Holden Commodore VFII

The Commodore has undoubtedly drawn inspiration from their long line of classic designs that is akin to gene mutation in species where ‘what works’ and ‘what is good’ is retained and ‘what’s bad’ or ‘not good’ eliminated. The commodore has maintained the classic and stylish long dashboard to axle which is unique to Holden models, but the engineers have managed to integrate the iconic design with the latest innovative advancements that has made the long silhouette more purposeful than it ever was. Tucked into it is a 6.2L LS3 V8 engine, that spits out 304kW of raw combustive power on command and couple that with, 570Nm of torque this car was built to perform.

The engineers also decided to give the Commodore‘s soundtrack an uplift with a Bi-Modal exhaust that has been finely tuned to release a guttural sound that is easily associated with a V8 with the difference being, it comes with an inimitable impeccable note that is unique to it. Apart from that the engineers also took the trouble to refine the suspension which involved the retuning of both front and rear dampers making rides in a Holden Commodore more comfortable than ever.

Moving from exterior traits to the internal traits of the Holden we find what the people at Holden decided to call the ‘Head-Up Display’ which give drivers complete vehicle control without having to take your eyes off the road, which enhances the safety levels as drivers are able to select information they need while maintaining their focus dead-ahead.

There are other toys that have been included such as the FCA (Forward Collision Alert) and the LDW or Lane Departure Warning which places the Commodore among the safest vehicles to be in on the planet.

The Commodore is everything and anything that a performance vehicle should be and the new and unique technology that have been injected into this robust vehicle are practical, logical and most of all essential to drivers making every single item in the car a critical ‘driving factor’ that must be there!

What is currently happening has been expected for a long time and after 38 years in production it is finally happening after just over three million cars sold, domestic production of Holden’s vehicles will end at the end of this year. However, this does not mean that their ‘Australian Presence’ will be removed altogether as they have some ‘diversification plans’ that will be revealed soon enough.

As a parting gift, they have rolled out three very unique limited editions and these limited editions are worth every dollar paid for them.

The 3 special editions are the Holden Commodore Motorsport 2017 that will be tucked into the body of a sedan that has been modelled similar to the SS-V Redline followed by the Director which incidentally is also a sedan with the only difference being that it is modelled off the Calais V. The 3rd special edition is the Magnum, which has been designed to kick up performance that is considered beyond the performance of the SS-V Redline.

Contributed by JMA Automotive Mechanic Airport West in Melbourne, Australia.

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