10 Facts About the Gray Langur, India’s Terrestrial Monkey

By 05/10/2017India

Gray langurs are large monkeys specific to Asia. In India, the law prohibits the capturing and killing of gray langurs.

Here are 10 things you should know about the gray langur:

1. Gray langurs can be found in the Indian Subcontinent, the Himalayas, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and even Afghanistan.

2. They belong to the group of Old World monkeys and are also known as Hanuman langurs.

3. Gray langurs are terrestrial and live in forests and urban areas where they are kept to ward off other smaller monkeys.

4. Gray langurs spend half of their time on the ground and the other half in trees.

5. They are covered in gray fur, and have black face and ears.

6. The gray langur’s tail loops towards their head when they walk instead of an inverted “U” shape or “S” shape.

7. Their tails can grow up from 69 cm to 102 cm, and are always longer than their bodies.

8. Their bodies can grow up from 51 cm to 79 cm in length.

9. The average weight of a male gray langur is 18 kg (40 lb) while a female gray langur weights 11 kg (24 lb).

10. They can jump from 3.7 to 4.6 meters horizontally and 10.7 to 12.2 meters when descending.

BONUS: There are about 300.000 gray langurs in India.

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