5 ideas to give your loved ones a memorable experience

Someone wise once said, “There’s nothing more expensive than a free gift ” and nobody can disagree to that. We all love gifts of course, its human nature. Personally, the best kinds of people are the ones who give you gifts even without an occasion. Whether you’re celebrating something or just considering giving a loved one an experience of their lifetime or a memory to cherish forever, the fact that you’re showing them that they are important to you will only strengthen your relationship with them.


So before we get sentimental here, here are some of your best gift options!

1. Spa day for your best mate

See everyone deserves to feel special and pampered. Maybe your loved one is stressed out about work or overwhelmed by a personal issue and all you want them to do is relax, at least for a bit. And what says relaxation better than a spa day? So take them out and spend some quality relaxation time together.

2. Sway to the beat of the music

You know someone who is absolutely gaga about this band/artist that/who is performing next week and they are sad because they cannot attend either because the ticket is priced too high or because they have work. Either way, you can make it happen! Surprise your friend by buying tickets to that concert and be part of your friend’s lifetime experience, even if you don’t like the performing artist. It adds more value!

3. Take your friend away!

Honestly, we all deserve to unwind every once in a while. We’re so occupied with work and life that we hardly ever get recreational time. Short weekend trips to other states are the ideal definition of unwinding. Where ever you are, book a flight or take a road trip and just enjoy the places and each other’s company as you make memories. You can check Hotels.com discount codes for some great deals on your stay, where you don’t need to spend a fortune.

4. Nothing says ‘I love you’ better than a Netflix subscription

We’ve all been there; wanting to watch a movie or a TV show without any hassle but there’s no Netflix subscription 🙁 . Get your friend a Netflix subscription card and make them feel included in future TV show discussions. Watching anything on Netflix is an experience in itself.

5. ‘You have received an e-mail gift’

You might get a lot of spam mail but do you know the joy of receiving gifts in your mailbox? I know! So exciting! Global reward solutions are probably the most reliable and convenient way of sending a gift to someone. Trust me; it is an experience: to receive something for free in an email, not everyone is lucky enough to witness that.

To make sure that your loved one has a wonderful and memorable experience, do something extra like paying their food bill or taxi fare while you’re doing these things together but most importantly, just be there with them in that very moment and become a part of an experience that they will forever be grateful for.

Author V.M. Simandan

is a Bangkok-based Romanian-born writer, archer, speaker, traveler, and vlogger.

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