Frequently Asked Questions

What is

The virtual home of V.M. Simandan, a Bangkok-based Romanian-born writer, archer, speaker, traveler, and developer of the Upgraded Lifestyle System (ULS).

What is the Upgraded Lifestyle?

A way of living and working that gravitates around three core concepts:

  1. Follow your passion.
  2. Stay healthy.
  3. Make online profit.

What is the Upgraded Lifestyle eBook?

It’s a FREE 10-step guide to upgrading your personal lifestyle with the stated goal of creating an online profit.

What about the Newsletter?

It includes a FREE 10-week one-on-one e-coaching program on how to Upgraded Your Lifestyle.

What are the Upgraded Lifestyle 10 key areas of interest?

The 10 key areas crucial to upgrading your lifestyle are:

  1. Goals Setting
  2. Health Fitness Sports
  3. Online Profit & Passive Income
  4. Investing in Yourself
  5. Traveling
  6. Learning a Foreign Language
  7. Making Time For Yourself and Your Family
  8. Choosing a Hobby
  9. Reading
  10. Resting

What about the Upgraded Lifestyle Facebook Group?

It is a VIP Group that helps people achieve an upgraded lifestyle by providing SUPPORT, INSPIRATION, and GUIDELINES for the 10 key areas of interest.

What is the Upgraded Lifestyle System (ULS)?

A blueprint that prepares people for achieving life satisfaction, better health, and financial freedom.

I want in! What next?

Download the FREE eBook by clicking the button below, follow the weekly email program, and join our Upgraded Lifestyle Facebook Group.