Which Incentives Make Shopping More Fun?

Every business owner wants to grow their companies. Yes, for greater revenues and more sales. This means that you should entice your consumers to shop more from you. But, what would make them do this more and more often? What do they desire the most from brands? Let’s take a look.


Focus on a mobile first strategy

Something that you would already be knowing, but if you are yet to implement a mobile first strategy, then go ahead and do it now, or you would miss out a huge chunk of customers. Over 89% shoppers access online stores through their phones, compared to 75% and 37% people who visit ecommerce websites or their laptops and desktops, respectively.

Put all information on social media

People still visit retail stores, so you cannot completely shut them down. However, what you should do is make your complete catalogue available on social media, along with the prices and a short description of the product. Before visiting your store, most of your consumers would search for information on your products through social media. And, if you have any deals or amazing offers, share that too.

Considering advertising challenges, social media is higher up than television and other print media. So, make good use of it and connect to your audience through these platforms.

Price matters above everything else

Yes, quality is important, but it all boils down to rates in the end. 95% people are sensitive to price and put it above other decision factors. Also, don’t forget that before buying from you, they would compare your products with competitors.

Rebates are more important than instant discounts

Rebates are given greater preference than instant discounts particularly for categories like apparel, sporting goods, electronics and groceries. People prefer choosing valuable rebate offers over instant discounts. What does this mean for you? That you should offer them greater value and more savings than simply reducing the price.

Just ensure that no rebate program is deceptive or difficult to redeem, or it would harm your company.

Loyalty programs are liked

While today’s generation may not be much loyal to brands, around 69% of them are still part of a retail program, and around 70% of these people are actually happy with the programs. Create value added and transparent retail programs and your sales is bound to rise. Just make sure that you are offering them enough points for the money they spend so that they continue to shop from you. You can also introduce various consumer levels on the basis of points, awardable through specific actions.

P2M AU has been making loyalty programs in Australia work quite effectively. Points Bank is another company that combines all points collected by a consumer over a specified time period through different loyalty programs in one place. You could partner with them to expand your clientele.

Offer the Buy Online and Pick at Store Feature

Around 88% people prefer buying online and then picking the products at stores to get additional discounts. This way, aside from increased sales, you also get to save some shipping and handling costs.

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