Platinum Prints: Bangkok is a City Full of Tragedy

Pat Sathienthirakul is a Thai photographer from Bangkok who explores Platinum prints in his upcoming exhibition SOLITUDE 2016. In this interview he talks about his love for photography, how his style has evolved over time, and his new work.

platinum prints

How did your passion for photography start?

I started my carrier as a graphic designer which involved me dealing with many fashion photographers. During that time I became interested in fashion photo shoots, so I decided to pursue a master degree in photography.

You travelled to the United States for that… How did this study trip influence your style?

I did my master between 2005 and 2010. I learnt a lot about the different fields of photography, including as fashion and fines. This period of time changed my point of view regarding photography: I saw people express their passion through different medium, not only by taking great photographs but also by using different printing techniques.

platinum prints

Who influenced you the most as an artist?

Chris McCaw, a local artist from the San Francisco Bay area. He works as an art installer who uses the Platinum printing technique for many well-know artists in the States. His printing has a great tonal range and is also rich in details.

How would you define your style?

I tend to keep my photographs simple. It’s easier this way to communicate to the viewer more than just a concept.

Tell us more about your photo studio “PH31.

After graduation, I planned to have my own working space back home in Bangkok. Since traditional printing techniques are quite new in Thailand, PH31 is meant to be a hub for me to experiment with my work, to hold workshops, and also offer traditional printing services to people interested in this technique.

platinum prints

You had a few group exhibitions and a solo exhibition in 2015… What are you bringing “new” in SOLITUDE 2016, your upcoming solo exhibition at Midnice Gallery in Bangkok?

Solitude is a lifetime project. From now on, I’m planning to exhibit every year always using a different approach to express the same metaphor. In my pervious show I focused on printing techniques, but the works displayed in Solitude are purely what I enjoy photographing.

Why Platinum prints?

Platinum printing is quite unique. It differs from person to person. My tone can never be imitated because all artists use different chemical solutions. Platinum prints offer a picture with unique tones and I like the work that goes into finding this tonality.

platinum prints

What’s the concept and message behind SOLITUDE 2016?

I grew up in Bangkok which is a city full of tragedy. I like to have my own space at home, away from all the chaos of this megalopolis. Solitude is my sanctuary. Every time I look at the photographs in this exhibition, I dream of an empty space, tranquility, and serenity.

What are your plans for the future?

I’m looking forward to my next show which will take place sometime later this year. It will show the audience how important printing really is. I’m also ready to do some workshops in my studio for people interested in traditional printing techniques. I will offer basic to advance printing workshops. I had an opportunity to teach one class back in the States at the Academy of Art in San Francisco, and I want continue sharing my knowledge and experience to the others here in Thailand.


The opening reception for SOLITUDE 2016 – A series of Platinum / Palladium print by Pat Sathienthirakul was on February 11, 2017  at Midnice Gallery in Bangkok.

Photos curtesy of Pat Sathienthirakul 

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