My journey as an author started while I was a student in my home country Romania and has followed me all the way to Asia where I found my voice and crystalized my writing style.
I have published in several genres, from non-fiction to children’s books, from historical fiction to short stories and my work is available for your consideration on this page.

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Initially I had gone the traditional way and had my work brought to light by “traditional publishers,” I had worked with a literary agent, and I had also self-published, but as of 2016, most of my books are published and distributed by BooksMango, a European-managed publishing company in Asia.

Because of the large variety in subject matter and form of writing, my books appeal to a large spectrum of readers, from the general public to children to academics.

A glimpse into my writing…


For readers interested in Asian history, culture, and civilization (with a special interest in Japan and Thailand), my historical fiction will take them through a maze of adventures where real history is brought back to life in a contemporary setting.

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For young readers, parents and schools, I have a collection of children’s & young adult books that will take kids on an adventurous journey of self-discovery from which they will return with a thirst for more books and a better understanding of the world around them.

  • The Moon Hunter
  • The Ironman. A Story
  • The Ironman. A Play
  • An Outdoor Trip (late 2017)
  • Taking the Seas (late 2017)
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The general public will find my collection of short stories both entertaining and thought-provoking and also a springboard to a world of endless possibilities where the roads we travel take us to unexpected places.

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Scholars, academically inclined readers, and people interested in film and literary studies will see in my non-fiction books a treasure trove of ideas, concepts, connections, and quotes presented in the rigour of academic writing.

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Lastly, if you are traveling to Thailand, my books of travel essays and destinations will help you plan a better trip off the beaten path. If sports is your thing, then you’re in the right place.

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