Today in Thai History: October 31, 2011 (Halloween)

thailand-international-mediaToday: October 31, 2011

“Thailand’s prime minister said Monday that she hopes the process of draining floodwater through Bangkok can be sped up now that peak high tides that saw the city’s main waterway rise to record levels have passed.” (USA Today)

2006 – 5 Years Ago

“Thailand’s military-installed Prime Minister Surayud Chulanont reassured Chinese and Southeast Asian leaders yesterday that his nation would return to democratic rule within a year. Newly appointed Thai Foreign Minister Nitya Pibulsonggram said Surayud told his counterparts during a China-Asean summit here that Thailand wanted to hold parliamentary elections as soon as possible.” (Gulf Times)

2001 – 10 Years Ago

“ As many as 300000 Buddhist monks and devotees gathered at 32000 temples across Thailand to pray for world peace in the wake of the attacks on the US… Predominantly Buddhist Thailand is not directly involved in the U.S.-led attacks on Afghanistan, but Bangkok has allowed U.S. aircraft to use the Utapao base in eastern Thailand for logistical purposes.” (Los Angeles Times)

1996 – 15 Years Ago

Thailand has become a way station for many Chinese who want to get into the United States. Most of them start in Bangkok, Thailand, then go practically around the world trying to make it to the U.S. For as much as 40,000 dollars, a Bangkok ‘travel agent’ will provide falsified passports and travel visas, and bribes to key military and police personnel. The fee is usually paid off by relatives already in the U.S., or by indentured service after the illegal immigrant arrives.” (National Public Radio)

1991 – 20 Years Ago

“Howard Ruff, author, lecturer, investment guru and all-around famous person” declared that he has “been a rabid Jazz fan – I’ve flown 9000 miles (from Bangkok, Thailand) to be home for a Jazz game.” (The Deseret News)

1986 – 25 Years Ago

“In the Middle East, India, Pakistan, the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia, many people would rather eat aromatic rices…” (Lexington Herald Leader)

1981 – 30 Years Ago

“About 1,000 troops have been put on full alert in the Thai capital and tanks were seen near Parliament today following rumors of an attempted coup.” (New Straits Times)

1976 – 35 Years Ago

“Agents say the Southeast Asian heroin makes its way to Thailand or Malaysia, then is funneled through points including Hong Kong and Vancouver, Canada, before entering the United States, mostly on the West Coast.” (Lakeland Ledger)

1971 – 40 Years Ago

“The United States Senate’s refusal to approve this year’s foreign assistance program threatens South Vietnam, the largest aid recipient, with economic and political collapse… Laos and Thailand were affected to a lesser extent, according to American officials here, since the bulk of their aid comes under a separate military [agreement]…” (The Sun)

1966 – 45 Years Ago

“With maximum secrecy, the Untied States has achieved a huge military buildup in Thailand. From powerful air bases under the Thai flag a number of raids on North Viet Nam are believed to have been launched.” (Edmonton Journal)

1961 – 50 Years Ago

“Cambodian chief of state Prince Norodom Sihanouk was quoted in dispatches from Phnom Penh as complaining Saturday U.S. military aid ‘does not permit us to defend our liberty and independence’ against attacks he evidently thought were threatened by neighboring Thailand, and ally of the United States.” (The Milwaukee Sentinel)

1956 – 55 Years Ago

Terming Adlai Stevenson’s stand on the H-bomb “courageous,” Gov. Ribicoff told a Tolland County Democratic rally here Tuesday night that, if the U.S. is to be a world leader, the people of the free world […] Chase Going Woodhouse who had two visitors from Thailand with her. Atty. Leo B. Flaherty Jr. presided at the rally.” (The Hartford Courant)

1951 – 60 Years Ago

“But 3,000 Vietminh guerrillas are estimated to have infiltrated Cambodia to attack French rubber and pepper plantations and keep open lines of communication with Thailand for the smuggling of arms.” (Lewiston Morning Tribune)

1946 – 65 Years Ago

Not available

1941 – 70 Years Ago

“Japanese military strength in Indo-China has not reached offensive proportions either in the north or in the south, well-informed sources here believe today… The Japanese are in a much stronger position in Southern IndoChina than in the north, and consequently the menace to Thailand is still paramount.” (The New York Times)

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